Titanium Dioxide For Paints And Coatings

Kimix Titanium Dioxide offers sulfate processed Rutile and Anatase grade, widely used in coatings, paints, masterbatch, plastics, inks, paper, rubber and etc.

Kimix anatase is a choice for coatings and paintings. It is economical, easily dispersed in water based systems. Untreated Anatase provides TiO2 with a refractive index of 2.55. This form is good for use in interior wall paints and it is not recommended for exterior paint applications.

For exterior paint, Kimix Rutile types are recommended. Rutile is often provided as a "treated" product, which aids in easy dispersion in high solids coatings and in weather / fade resistance. Kimix rutile types have superior weather resistant characteristics for applications with exterior (outdoor) exposure or where long term light fastness is requested.

Popular Types and main Property
Articles Rutile R92 Rutile R93 Anatase KA100
Tio2 content,% 92 min 93 min 98 min
Rutile content,% 97 min 98 min -
Inorganic coating Si, Al Zr, Al -
Oil absorption, g/100g 22 max 21 max 26 max
Color L 97min 98min 98min
Color b 2.4max 2.4max 1.5max

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